Dough Boys, or, the dessert to end all desserts

Hello friends.

I’ve saved the best for last 🙂 This is my last classic cottage recipe, we’ve done Jam CookiesMonkey BreadFresh Corn Bake and now the ultimate- campfire baked Dough Boys.

Remember when I said s’mores where the second greatest food item to be cooked on a campfire? Well, this is the first.

This is the dessert to end all desserts because #1 the nostalgia factor for me if off the charts and #2 you cook it with sticks over a campfire. The primal, early human instinct buried inside you will love this, trust me. Along with your inner child 🙂 And of course the taste.

#3  Dough Boys are a simple dough  baked until the outside of the dough becomes puffy and GBD (golden brown delicious) leaving the inside warm, soft,  and sometimes a little gooey. Plus it picks up a hint of smokiness from the campfire. Think of a seriously awesome, campfire cooked biscuit that can be stuffed with a variety of compliments. You cannot replicate this in any other way, so don’t even think about it.

Build a campfire and let’s get started.

Start with around 2 cups of Bisquick dough in a large bowl. Drizzle in a few tablespoons of milk; fluff and stir with a fork. Repeat until the dough is thoroughly moistened but not overly wet. The dough will be somewhat sticky.

Then grab your cleaned and prepared cooking sticks.

These have been in our family being used for dough boys for forever. If you need to make them from scratch, find a stick at least 3 feet long and 1 inch in width. Peel the wood off the uppermost part of the stick, this is where you will put your dough.

Using your hands, grab about 1/3 cup dough and start molding the dough around the end of the stick. Don’t make it too think because remember, it will puff up while cooking. Pay attention to not make it to thin on the tip of the stick where it is more likely to burn.

It should look like this when done, now it’s ready to be baked.

Dough Boy, ready to start cooking

Find some nice, red hot coals. Stay away from direct flame.

Keep your eye out for the tell-tale GBD, it means it’s almost done. You can also test for doneness by gently trying to slide the dough  boy off the stick, if you feel a lot of resistance it is still gooey inside and needs more cooking.

Rotate the stick (think rotisserie chicken-style) to achieve even cooking and maximum GBD

Perfect Doneness!

Gently pull it off the end of the stick.

Then you stuff it. Yup, with jam, fresh fruit, butter, heck I’d say even try some chocolate and bananas.

I prepared a ‘stuffings bar’ for these dough boys.

Butter cubes, fresh peaches, homemade blueberry jam, raspberry jam, and rhubarb compote (cooked in butter, cinnamon and brown sugar until soft)

The cottage traditionalist in me always goes with a strawberry or blueberry jam for fillings. This time I layered it, butter cube on the bottom, fresh peaches, butter (again I know) then blueberry jam.  The kids were big fans of the rhubarb plus butter.

And now for the finished product, a warm, self-contained edible dessert that was fun to make. Tasty, smokey and sweet. YUM 🙂

Wrap in a paper towel and enjoy sitting around the campfire, where you can give unsolicited advice to others about how to cook their dough boys. Or just provide some color commentary on how your dough boy was the most epicly GBD you’ve ever made in you whole life. Or just be quiet and eat.

Dough Boys

  • Milk
  • Bisquick 
  • Campfire cooking sticks
  • Campfire
  • Fillings, such as fresh fruit or jam

Note: This whole recipe is guesstimated based off experience and how the dough looks and feels. In a large bowl add two cups of Bisquick. Drizzle several tablespoons on milk over the mix and stir with a fork. Repeat until the dough is moistened throughout but not soggy. The dough should be somewhat sticky.

Start with a large 1/3 cup dough and form it around the end of the cooking sticks. Mold the dough evenly and don’t make it too thick. Cook over hot coals for 10-15 minutes, rotating evenly until the dough boy is golden brown and can easily slide off the cooking stick.  Stuff with your favorite fillings.  Will make about 4 dough boys, but really depends on how much Bisquick you started with and how thick you pile it onto the cooking sticks.


– Erin

Daily Question: Do you have any plans to do some campfire cooking this summer?

14 thoughts on “Dough Boys, or, the dessert to end all desserts

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  2. I’m almost 50 and I made these as a kid with my Girl Scout troop many years ago. Yup, they had Bisquick back then.

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  7. My mom was a Girl Scout leader and we used biscuits out of a can and cherry pie filling. This works as well seen it done dozens of times.

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