And the Liebster goes too…

Alright, normally I don’t like being in the spotlight. It makes me feel self conscious and weird.

But I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into my hatchling of a blog and because of that, this time, I’m actually excited to say: my blog received an award!

Yay! 😀

Last week, Deborah over at the lovely blog Romancing the Bee let me know she awarded me the Liebster Blog award. The Liebster award (means favorite) originated in Germany as a way to recognize truly awesome up and coming bloggers who are just getting started and have less than 200 followers.

I’m so thankful to Romancing the Bee for sharing this with me! 🙂

Please check out Deborah’s blog, she has a lovely blend of stories; from the garden to the beehive to the kitchen. Many of her recipes feature honey, check out Bourbon Honey Truffles (yum?!), which she gathers from her very own beehives. How cool is that?

Now that the Leibster honor has been given to me, it’s my turn to share the love with some of my favorite newbie bloggers.*

Drumroll please… (I’ve always wanted to say that!)

1) Domestic Diva, M.D.– This is a truly funny blog written by a medical student who knows how to make a spicy pizza and swab you for strep throat. I really enjoy her commentary on working (and cooking) her way through med school. You don’t even need to put on a paper gown to check out her recipes, so no excuses.

2) The Move to Michigan– In case you aren’t familiar, Up North is a place and it’s a lifestyle. This blog is all about living Up North in Michigan (my home state). There is a lot of nature photography, lake scenes and beautiful sunsets to be found here. Check out the Up North vibe, you’ll like it. 🙂

3) My Big Fat Mexican Life– This blog comes to you all the way from Mexico. Tami writes about food, family and life in general. I love learning about authentic Mexican food from her- there is more to this world than nachos!

4) A Little Saffron– I found a fellow DC’er at this blog, which has some of the most beautiful food photography! I’m jealous, I barely know how to use my Canon PowerShot. 😉

5) Om Nom Nom Baked Goods– This is a great blog for foodies. Each month is dedicated to certain ingredients; May is chocolate and peanut butter month. Who can’t resist that combo? So get on over there and check it out, now!

Congratulations to all and happy blogging,


*Note: I tried to keep it to newer blogs with a smaller following but it is sometimes hard to tell if stats aren’t posted. Either way,these blogs are all deserving of an award.