About Ireland, Part 4

The finale!

The last stop on our tour of Ireland was the Dingle Peninsula. On our way to Dingle, we stopped at the Cliffs of Mohr.

After Slieve League, the Cliffs of Mohr were frankly really disappointing. There is an observation deck which you can walk around on to view the Cliffs, but you can’t climb on the Cliffs the same way you do at Slieve.  There was also a random castle tower on the observation deck area that had been turned into a gift shop. It felt a little touristy overall.

We hopped back into the rental and headed towards Connor’s Pass, a scenic route into the Dingle Peninsula. It was really lovely and sadly, my picture doesn’t do it justice.

Looking out onto the valley below

At one point, there were some clouds rolling in over the mountains in the pass and it looked like liquid silk sliding and cascading down the sides of the mountains. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen! Try to imagine it, this picture cannot show the motion.

Dingle is in the southwest of Ireland. It is so picturesque, providing beautiful ocean views from practically every part of the peninsula.  There are also some impressively large beaches where you can go surfing.  I’m not a surfer girl so I have no tips to offer, but there is a little surf shop in Dingle town if you’re looking to chat up the locals.

The Ring of Dingle (this is just a road) will take you all around the peninsula and it wouldn’t take more than a couple hours, the area is quite small. There are some sites to see along the road too, we stopped at some potato famine era cottages.

Peasant Cottage

Peasant cottage and adjacent barn

Take note, in the first barn window on the left. There is a figure standing in the opening, and yes, it is a creepy mannequin. There were several incredibly lifelike and extremely creepy looking mannequins throughout the cottage. One looked exactly like Chuckie.

Aside from the creepy factor being off the charts, the cottages were a sad reminder of the poverty and hardships people endured. Over 1 million people died during the famine, and another 1 million emigrated.

After taking in the scenes we checked into my favorite B&B of the trip, Archway Lodge. The owner was so friendly, and it was the only placed that served us black pudding with our Irish fry in the morning. Two thumbs up!

Thank you for following along on my Irish adventure. I hope ya’ll get the chance to go sometime too. If you have any questions about the trip, just leave it in the comment section!

– Erin


4 thoughts on “About Ireland, Part 4

  1. Hi Erin, We really enjoyed your great photos and insights from your journey around the island. ‘Cascading silk’ is such a nice way to explain the way the clouds and mountains intermingle from time to time. We look forward to having you back again soon!

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