Rainbow Cookies

Aren’t these rainbow cookies pretty?

They are tasty too, sweet, almondy and chocolatey.

Today’s recipe comes from a guest baker, my friend Ashley, who is a pro at whipping up these cookies.

We hung out a few weeks ago and baked together. She showed me the finer points to making these sophisticated cookies and took some great photos along the way!

Apparently these cookies (I really think they are more like petit fours) are a traditional New York Italian dessert. I did actually see some when I was in NYC, but did not sample.

Here’s what you do to make your own chocolate covered rainbows! 😉

Whip some egg whites until stiff.

Fold into your batter, it will be quite thick and heavy.

Color aggressively with red, yellow and green food coloring.

Spread the batter onto a greased sheet of parchment paper, inside a 9×13 baking dish, the batter will be spread very thin and that is ok.

These will not puff up when baked, they will appear somewhat undercooked- but that’s how it should be

Once all the layers bake, spread apricot preserves in the bottom layer…

and raspberry preserves on the middle layer.

Press the layers overnight in the fridge with heavy books or cans so the layers seal together.

Then, cover with melted chocolate on top and bottom (let chocolate harden on one side before flipping!).

Cut into small squares and enjoy!

Perfect for parties

Rainbow Cookies recipe courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.


With love- from Ashley and Erin 🙂

Daily Question: Is there a regional dessert or treat you like to make? Please share, leave a comment below!


7 thoughts on “Rainbow Cookies

  1. These cookies were a staple in my house growing up; I loved them! I tried some store-bought ones recently and wa a bit disappointed; couldn’t decided if the cookies were poorly made, or if my childhood memories imagined the cookies to be better than they actually were. I’ll have to give this recipe a try and see for myself!

    • I cannot imagine these being good from a store package. They are very moist, and should be eaten fresh, not put onto a shelf for weeks on end in plastic wrap. I think you should try this recipe, let me know if it tastes more like childhood!

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