Back to the Garden Part 1

Helloooo Monday.

If you are anywhere near DC today, be prepared for rain, cold, wind and overall misery when it comes to weather.

What happened to the 75° and sunshine I got to enjoy on Saturday?! Where are you summer?

Actually, it is probably a good thing summer isn’t in full swing because I have procrastinated on preparing my garden. After running into my plot-neighbor on the bus and being politely admonished over the astonishing number of weeds, I decided it was time to see what was going on over there.


It’s bad.


Like this bad:

It’s ok to recoil in horror. It’s ugly, I know.

Fast forward two hours later and the beds were looking awesome!

I even planted some rainbow chard while I was there, which I’m very excited about. Rainbow chard is beautiful and a versatile ingredient (hint: recipes to come 🙂

Ok, so I know a lot of work remains, but I’m pleased with the progress made. Besides, being outside and getting my hands dirty has re-infected me with the gardening bug. I’m already looking forward to the next sunny day and putting in some radishes and carrots. Progress will be made!!




One thought on “Back to the Garden Part 1

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